Week 5-Video

17 Feb

This week we had to make a video based on a lesson plan that we would teach. For this assignment I decided to do a lesson for a 5th grade class on the Civil War. I created a video that was an introduction of the War, I think it come out great if I do say so myself! I found the website we used (animoto.com) very use friendly and a lot of fun to use! Finding the pictures via google advanced search and using only pictures that licensed to be re-used ended up being a bit of a challenge. It took a lot of clicking and a lot of time but eventually I came across “Life Magazines” flicker account, where their pictures could be reused, so that ended up being very very useful!

Personally, I think this tool could be very useful to a teacher. I plan on using it in my class. It’s a fun way to introduce a subject or even review a subject. It’s something that would really engage the students and you could even allow the students to create their own videos, which I think would be a lot of fun. What kid wouldn’t enjoy making their own video about what specifically they found interesting and fun about a specific topic or unit? It’s different from the everyday report and it allows the students to use skills that they are most likely using everyday on their own anyways.

As I said, I very much enjoyed this assignment and I will be using this tool in the future classroom!

my video: please take a look! http://animoto.com/play/s1BCK6NKVC0J9huXPfrbfA





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