Week 6. The Flipped Classroom.

23 Feb

The flipped classroom: interesting and great idea but it’s not always delivered properly. Having students view a video outside of class and then in class just work on work sheets or work on writing a paper is not the correct way to deliver the flipped classroom model. The main point of a flipped classroom is to give the students more interaction time with both their peers and their teachers.

As a student there have been many times where I have zoned out in class. The teacher is just going on and on, I’m tired or bored or whatever, either way I’m not engaged so I end up retaining very little to no information. I’ve walked out of many classrooms thinking to myself, “what was the point of coming to class today? I didn’t learn anything.” I’ve also had classrooms that are hands on and interactive which make the class fun and I remember a lot more. I prefer the 2nd teaching method, obviously. Which is why I really like the flipped classroom method.

Even though I like the flipped classroom method that doesn’t mean I don’t have some concerns. As a future Elementary school teacher I worry about how useful this method would be my classroom. Elementary school students tend to have less access to computers and the internet than high school or college students. So that brings up the question of “how do you get the students to watch the videos if they don’t have access to a computer?” This video that I found on youtube shows a 4th grade teacher using the flipped classroom method in her classroom and it also shows how she deals with the fact that many of her students don’t have access to computers outside of school.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_55kgyRjqQ

Personally I think she did a wonderful job! Also, the students really seemed to enjoy it and she was getting great results!

I really like the flipped method because I think when it is done correctly a teacher has the ability to reach all of the students’ learning abilities. As we know students learn at different speeds and in different ways and I think the flipped method allows teachers to meet individual needs more easily than a traditional classroom.

While I do not think the flipped method is best for all subjects at the elementary school level I really think their are subjects that it can be useful for. I hope to do more research on the method and I hope the idea continues to catch on so that educators can become more proficient at it and we can keep developing ways to engage the students in the classrooms rather than just lecturing at them and then having them do worksheets. We want learning to be fun and engaging! We want students to be able to critically think, problem solve and enjoy learning, not walking out of class and wondering why they even came to school and I really think that the flipped classroom method is a great step to doing that.

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  1. Kim says:

    I agree with you. Flipping a classroom is a great idea, but how it is implemented especially in an elementary school must be taken into effect. I tried to view the site you gave, but I was unable to watch it without it skipping. However, the few things I saw was very impressive for 4th grade. I am a 3rd grade teacher and really would like to flip a classroom in the future. If I do decide to do it, math would be my focus. I feel this approach supports differentation and allows the teacher to accomodate where it is necessary.

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