Week 7. Sticky Notes.

02 Mar

Fantastic. Fantastic!! I loved wellwisher website, I can’t believe I didn’t know it existed! So easy to use, I didn’t even watch the instructional video. I just went to the website and started clicking around everything was pretty easy which was nice! I also loved the auto save feature of the website, I always forget to save stuff and it can be frustrating cause I can loose all of my work so it was fantastic when I realized that I didn’t have to worry about that.

I had so much fun creating my “wall” I posted some of my own posts and then I put the link on facebook, inviting some of my friends to join in on the fun and I truly hope they do. I was really happy when I realized that we could make our wall about anything that we wanted it to be rather than having to follow the VA SOLs. I know we have to know what the SOLs are and learn how to create lesson plans around them but sometimes its nice to use the technology we are being exposed to in this class for personal, fun activities.

I love this tool. I seriously can not say that enough and I plan on using it in my classroom. It’s fun, easy, unique and can be used either in the classroom itself as an interactive tool or it can be used by the students outside of the classroom. I plan on using this in my classroom for many different lessons. It can be used for an English lesson, Science lesson, writing lesson and even a history lesson. You could use it as a way to introduce a topic by asking students what they think about the topic. It can be used in the middle of a lesson to keep track of the different ideas that the students have and it can be used at the end of a lesson as either a final project or a way to organize the thoughts of the students to prepare them for a project, test or paper or whatever the final assessment of the lesson may be. There are many creative and fun ways to use this tool in the classroom. I truly think that this is a site that the students would really enjoy using as well and since it is so easy to use a quick explanation and you could have 2nd graders using it!

Here is my board, feel free to post something!





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  1. Kim says:

    Hi Nicole,

    A agree this is a wonderful site. I plant to begin using it in my classroom for reading vocabulary. Good thoughts on using it for projects and tests. I may give that a try as well.

    Thanks, Kim

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