Week 9. Mini Projects.

13 Mar

This weeks assignment had us working on 2 mini projects to put onto our professional web portfolio. Two of the options didn’t interest me at all but two options really interested me. I decided to do the podcast and to use the website voki.com to create my own talking avatar.

I found voki to be really fun and easy to use. There were so many different option to choose from so that you could personalize your avatar, that was probably my favorite aspect about the website. You could use animals, people or even cartoon like characters. If you chose to have a female avatar you could add jewelry to her and even makeup! The detail of the website was pretty impressive. Also, like I said I really appreciated how easy and straight forward it was to use, the website literally walked you through step by step what you needed to do to crate you avatar and at the end it provided you with the code you needed to post your avatar to facebook, twitter, or a google website. I ended up posting mine to my professional blog and to twitter! I can really see myself using this tool in my future classroom. I think it would be a great way to do a history lesson with the students. The websites offer political figure avatars that you can use. I think it would be really fun and interesting for my students to pick a political figure, research that political figure and then have them create and avatar of that political figure that presents the information they discovered as the actual political figure. What an awesome way to bring history alive again! I can also see myself possibly delivering a short lesson by using an avatar I’m not totally sure how I would do it or if it would even work but I would be willing to try. As I said I’m very impressed with voki.com and I’m glad I got the opportunity to use it.


For my other mini project I’ll be doing a podcast. I’m not done with my podcast yet. I found the podcast tool a bit more difficult to use than voki.com. So hopefully I don’t continue to get too frustrated with it. I think podcasts would be a great tool to use if you were using the flipped classroom method in your classroom. As a teacher I could record a podcast and then have my students listen to it at home and then come to class the next day ready to do the activity part of the lesson. Also, I could see myself using podcasts as a way to give weekly up dates to parents to let them know what their children will be doing the next week in class or what they have been working on all week. I think podcasts are a great tool and once I learn how to use it better I’m sure it will be very useful!

3 Responses

  1. hyoung914 says:

    I also agree that a history lesson would be really neat with the political avatars! I think that its a great way to get the students involved especially in history, where it’s a little harder to have a hands on experience. The podcasts look difficult to me too!

  2. cwalker2309 says:

    I think using the avatar to teach history lessons is a great idea! Making the avatar a historical figure could be a lot of fun for the students. This could be applied differently depending on the age of the students but I think it is a great tool too.

  3. Kim says:

    Hi Nicole,

    I really like the idea of having the student create a political Avatar. What a great way to stimulate research! I think your approach to implementing the Avatar technology into the class will be very effective as it appeal to multiple learning styles.

    Thanks, Kim

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