Week 10. Mini Projects 2.

24 Mar

Looking at this weeks options for our mini projects I found myself a bit afraid. They all looked pretty challenging and time consuming. For the first one I decided to do the timeline. At first I was looking around the Capzles website and I got very frustrated with it pretty quickly. I thought the example that was given in the module was confusing and didn’t really make any sense to me so I decided to look at the next website which was timetoast. I really enjoyed using timetoast, I liked how it was set up, how easy the timelines where to read and the fact that it was very user friendly! After I found this website I actually really enjoyed doing this mini project. I picked a topic that I found really interesting so the research was engaging and fun and I even discovered some new information that I didn’t know. I think using timetoast in the classroom would be a lot of fun and very easy for the students to do. Because I want to teach 3rd grade I enjoying finding sites and activities that are very user friendly because then more than likely it will make it easy, fun and engaging for the students to use and learn the technology while also learning the material in a different way. The timeline would be fun to have the students present them to the class so that the students could see many different ways that the technology could be used.

While it was easy and fun for me to do the timeline I find that I’m having issues deciding which project to do for the last mini project. None of the options really interest me so I’m not sure which one I’m going to do. Right now I am leaning towards the google trek, that’s the one that I have looked into the most and have really been researching but like I said I’m not sure. I’m trying not to get too frustrated but I’m finding that it’s difficult so I guess I will see what happens!

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  1. cwalker2309 says:

    I really liked timetoast also! I did the google trek, I hope you didn’t become too frustrated when you were completing your projects.

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